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Member Auto Payment Saver

Your solution to offering your members low-monthly vehicle loan payments!

Member Auto Payment Saver (MAPS™) is an insured vehicle balloon loan product. MAPS™ combines the benefits of leasing and conventional financing to create a vehicle loan product that credit unions and members cannot resist. MAPS™ is totally Internet based, which means no software to install or update. Because of this, MAPS™ is ideal for a multiple branch operation and/or an Indirect Lending program.

Here is what MAPS™ can do for your credit union:

  • Attract new members
  • Attract higher income members
  • Attract higher-end vehicle loans
  • Make vehicle financing affordable for younger members
  • Meet the needs of members seeking a low-monthly payment option
  • Compete favorably with auto manufacturer and bank leasing programs
  • Compete favorably with auto manufacturer and bank balloon loan programs
  • And more!


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