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Scratch-Off Promotions

Everyone loves a scratch-off!

Scratch-Off Promotions are a great promotion for you and your members! It gives them the opportunity to reduce their loan rate with an existing loan, and gives you the opportunity of having them refinance a loan from another financial institution with you. Even if someone does not need a loan, they will reach into their pocket and scratch, scratch, scratch – just for the fun of it.

The Concept is Simple

Send a well-designed, colorful direct mail postcard to members with a loan offer. The scratch-off area contains several hidden rate discounts typically ranging from .25 to 1%. Members scratch off to see what discount they can get on their next loan.

This type of promotion is engaging and response rates have been very good. Find a holiday or event such as a grand opening to build this promotion around for even more excitement. Scratch-offs can be used for other product and service promotions too such as prize giveaways for opening accounts.

Choose from various themes that can be sent out different times throughout the year, giving your members more chances to save! Customize with your logo, contact information and your loan rates.

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