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Loan Prescreen

Grow Members and Loans with the best prescreen on the planet!

  • Help consumers reduce their monthly debt
  • Target only those who are paying a higher loan rate at other financial institutions
  • Prescreen current members and/or the surrounding community
  • Utilized tri-bureau prescreening credit union solution

How it works

Tell us who you want to target, either members or people in the community by using the following radius options:

  • Zip Codes
  • Geographic radius of brand locations
  • Census Track

Next, we build in your underwriting criteria to exclude people you don’t want to include, such as:

  • People with less than 1 year to pay on their loan
  • No bankruptcies
  • No repossessions
  • No pending charge-offs
  • No unpaid judgements or liens

What We Need

Your minimum acceptable credit score for loans and your lowest rate* (when risk based pricing is involved, the credit score and rate for each range).

Each qualifying record is sent a conditional offer of credit emphazising the credit union’s lower rate. Any additional incentive offer is also encourage.

FCRA Compliance

MMSS will assist in making sure your program follows all aspects of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  • The prescreen offer is a promotional inquiry and does not impact the consumer’s credit score
  • The prescreen offer is a conditional offer meaning the final decision to approve or deny credit is actually made upon receipt of an individual’s request for credit

Research shows individuals are four times more likely to finance their ‘next’ loan with the same financial institution

It’s Affordable

The investment for the prescreen* process is only $1,800, much less than what you would pay with the credit bureaus. (*Cost for up to 5,000 records. Additional records at $0.40 each)

It’s time for you to target market and watch your revenue grow!

MMSS will do a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION free potential audit for you!

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