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Marketing Resource Center

Organize, Centralize, Realize (the benefits)

MMSS’ MRC is a custom built branded website that allows you to organize your marketing materials, streamline your purchases and save money.  This online tool empowers users to customize marketing materials, like business cards and stationary, specific to their needs and locations.  It enables authorized users to create, proof, and approve materials before placing an order in the familiar “shopping cart” interface.

In addition, MMSS can warehouse marketing collateral and make it available on your personalized MRC.  Users will see a thumbnail image of the product, place the order and inventory levels are immediately adjusted with the new amount, displayed online.  Controls can even be given so that each order must be reviewed by an authorized administrator before it’s completed.

Have multiple branches?  This is perfect for you!  An MRC helps maintain brand consistency between branches and provide each location with access to all materials in a marketing campaign.

Benefits of an MRC:

  • Control Costs
  • Maintain Your Brand
  • 24/7 Ordering Capabilities
  • Usage Reports
  • Track Branch Spending

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