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Print Communications

Newsletters, Brochures, Inserts, and More!

Communicating with your members about the latest financial news and opportunities is critical. You have the option of how often you want to distribute and what information you want featured in each publication.

Grab Your Members’ Attention

In today’s fast paced world, you may have as little as 10 seconds to grab your member’s attention. A well written newsletter, brochure, or insert with well designed artwork and clever headlines can go a long way with making sure your information gets read.

But your members are not the only ones getting caught up in today’s hustle and bustle. With many different job responsibilities, Marketing Managers and CEOs just don’t have the time to work on the credit union’s newsletter. MMSS is here to take this item off your “to do” list!

We have been designing print communications for credit unions for the past 35+ years, so we know what it takes to make them part of a powerful marketing strategy.


We offer a variety of different formats to help meet your individual needs and budget. From a multi-page newsletter with a magazine format to a statement insert, we’ve got you covered. Each print piece can be provided as a high-resolution PDF to post online or send to your members via email.


We’ll work with you to develop a schedule based on your overall marketing campaigns, strategies and goals for the year. Print communications can be distributed monthly or quarterly with member statements; or you may consider direct mailing at certain times throughout the year.

Our customer Service Team will work with you to develop and ongoing production schedule to make your job easier upfront and to ensure timely delivery of each marketing piece.

Layout & Design

Our Creative Team will develop a customized template to capture your credit union’s brand and add consistency to your marketing materials. Special recurring sections can be incorporated allowing members to quickly and easlity find necessary information within each issue. And call to actions, such as QR codes, coupons and surveys, will more readily engage your members with the materials.

To pique member interest, our experienced copywriters generate creative headlines that announce news, ask a question, feature a benefit or include a testimonial. We also provide a unique mix of information, education, humor, product/service awareness, and current promotion reinforcement in each newsletter.

We offer several options:

  • Full production from start to finish
  • Printing and Finishing only
  • Content and Design only


All of our print work is produced in house, which saves you time and money.  Click here to learn more!

Check out some of our print communications in our portfolio!

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