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Who are you? What are you?

Your brand is the focus of all your marketing efforts. It needs to say something about your Credit Union, connect with your target audience, be motivating in some way, and always try to create increased loyalty.

When you think about your Credit Union’s brand, think about all these elements: Promise, personality, look, service, attributes and memorability. There’s a good chance that if you ask your members and prospects about it, you’ll be surprised at how strong your brand actually may (or may not) be.

Our Process

Identification of Core Growth Goals

It is vital we understand your core marketing and growth goals before we can work on any Brand Development Initiatives. We will take the time needed to listen and learn these goals from you. This will be done via a planning session/discussion with key employees and BOD. We will challenge you with ideas we have learned from our other credit union clients. While many credit unions have similar overall goals, each credit union is unique and needs to put their first branding and marketing dollar toward their most important goals.

Name Development

With any name change, research is the first place we start. Feedback from members, key employees, Board of Directors, competitive studies and more will all be used as part of name generation process. Potential new names will be researched to consider availability, trademarking and registration as required. This change must be positively packaged and presented along with a clear implementation timetable for the launch.

Positioning Statement & Deliverables

We will work as a team to develop a Brand Positioning Statement (Slogan) that works well with the new name. It must support the new brand and the Credit Union’s unique position and values. This is a process that requires several group discussions and review but is the foundation of a genuine brand position that is unique to the Credit Union.

In addition, a number of Brand Deliverable will be created that are the foundation of the Positioning Statement. These will be developed using a process that incorporates feedback and buy-in from the entire credit union team. This is an essential part of the development and training process.

Mission Statement

After the creation of the New Name, Positioning Statement and Brand Deliverables, a new Mission Statement will be created. The Mission Statement must capture the overall position and direction of the Credit Union in a very clear, succinct and compelling statement. This typically supports and slightly expands the Credit Union’s Positioning Statement (Slogan).

Logo Design

A new logo will be created that can visually support the New Name and Positioning Statement. This logo will become a key visual element and is vital to the launch of a new brand. The creation of the logo will take into consideration a variety of the previous research and evaluation that was used as part of the other elements. This process will include the creation of the final logo artwork in a variety of digital formats that can be used for all future projects.

Integrated Brand & Graphic Design Elements

The final stage of development will include the “Visual Look and Feel” of the new brand. MMSS will tie in all the new elements and provide two integrated design ideas for each of the following marketing items. These elements will visually tie together all of the brand components and create the visually consistency required to clearly package the new brand. The designs will include:

  • Brochure
  • Newsletter (Front Page & Masthead)
  • Letterhead, Business Card & Envelope
  • Lobby Poster Series
  • Website Banner

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