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Identify and Plan for Growth Opportunities

All credit unions must evaluate their ability to serve the changing financial needs of members on a continuing basis. To accomplish this, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of member wants and needs, identify necessary actions to satisfy those needs, then develop, implement and monitor an action plan to attain the desired objectives. Survey data supports all of these Board and Management Team goals.

MMSS Random Sample Member Surveys are designed to provide the Board and Management team with the information necessary to position their credit union to meed the challenges of today’s financial services industry, The real need is for active members- members who consider their credit union to be their Preferred Financial Institution (PFI) and think first of their credit union whenever they have a personal financial want or need. By utilizing survey data, the decision, planning and implementation processes are based on fact rather than assumption. This results in decisions and actions that cause the member, or prospective member, to prefer to do business with their credit union. For credit unions, success is attained by satisfying the needs of the members.

How it’s Done

A combination of data proved invaluable in the strategic planning process; development of action/business plans, and during the implementation of actions designed to attain desired growth objectives.

Types of info that can be gathered:

  • Demographics: age, gender, income, etc.
  • Reason for joining/using/not using
  • Levels of satisfaction and perceptions on different key issues
  • Market share analysis for core products/services based on households
  • Market potential for core products/services based on households
  • Specific data regarding market share, usage (at CU and elsewhere), levels of satisfaction, and member preferences based on core products such as loans, checking, and credit card
  • Effectiveness of member communications, and most effective methods to use
  • Perceptions on rates, access, services, products, etc.
  • Family membership penetration/ potential and internet access/home banking info

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