The Marketer’s Resolution: Be Proactive in 2019!

The Marketer’s Resolution: Be Proactive in 2019!

As a credit union, you can never perform too many Random Acts of Kindness. They make everyone feel great and help you engage with members, community and your employees. However, you never want to be the credit union that thinks “Random Acts of Marketing” will help you reach your goals.

Be proactive – not reactive.

Successful credit unions take the time to carefully plan their marketing. They clearly define their core goals as an organization and work together as a team to make them happen. Everyone is on the same page and they remain focused on their goals all year long.

Ten must-haves in a pro-active marketing plan:

  1. Focus on clearly defined core goals (members, loans, assets, services, etc.)
  2. A well-defined brand (What makes you different?)
  3. Research tells no lies (Stop guessing and get clear answers)
  4. Increase communications (With members and non-members)
  5. A 12-month marketing calendar (With project start and due dates)
  6. Realistic marketing budget (Spend it to make it)
  7. Use multi-channel marketing (Build frequency to make your point)
  8. Follow the data (measure clicks, conversions and ROI)
  9. Get R’ Done (Marketing that does not get out the door will not work)
  10. Stop selling to me (Use engaging content and watch what happens)

Get Busy!

A successful marketing plan thrives with planning, creativity, clear communications and discipline. Say goodbye to reactive marketing in 2019 and you’ll see amazing results.

Colorworks/MMSS has worked with more than 2,000 credit unions of every asset size nationwide for more than 30 years. We help clients create powerful brands, grow assets and loans, attract new members and increase use of products and services.

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