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Member Referral

Current members can be your best source of marketing!

Encourage your members to help spread the word about all the benefits of credit union membership. Many of the referred people will be interested in everything your credit union offers from borrowing to saving.

How Does It Work?

Quite simply, the marketing pieces MMSS created prompt your members to refer someone to the credit union. The brochure already has built in referral forms. And, when your members read the credit union offers an incentive, it motivates them even more. Based on our experience, MMSS would be happy to share ideas with you for building incentives for both referring members and the people they have referred.

MMSS recommends you send the referred person a personalized letter with information about the credit union. MMSS can help you create this letter or develop a membership kit. After you send the letter, someone from the credit union should follow up with each referred person to answer questions or help sign them up for membership. And once you have these new members, be sure to give MMSS a call about our new member Matrix Programs.

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