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Digital Communications

Email Marketing

Deepen relationships with members at a fraction of the cost of traditional media with frequent email communications. It is a critical component of any fully integrated marketing strategy. It can be used to communicate with your members, drive traffic to your website or solicit feedback through a survey

A few of the benefits include: quick response, easily targeted, personal customization, measurable results, and affordable.

Social Media

Membership Marketing knows that you’re busy providing you members with great service and that you may not have time in your busy day of social media marketing.  Yet, you know the importance of connection on social media outlets.  MMSS has the tools to help.  Utilizing social media is an additional way to branch out, establish your brand, and achieve your marketing goals.  Through social media, you can interact with your members, not merely feed them information.  Interaction leads to increased action.

Web Updates Program

Our updates program delivers monthly web content so you can focus on servicing your members. MMSS utilizes your most updated promotional and educational materials to ensure brand continuity and content integration across all channels.  We develop custom graphics and content that is strategically posted to keep your credit unions most current promotions ad programs as the focal point of your website.


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