Where Does Your Brand Stand?

Where Does Your Brand Stand?

If your current brand identity doesn’t project your credit union’s financial strength, personality and product/service diversity, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at where your brand stands ‒ especially if you have experienced a significant membership change or your image has become outdated.

The  MMSS Brand Identity Team can review your current brand based on our proven corporate benchmarks and experience. You can then review the tools and resource recommendations we make and decide whether or not to use our services.

  • New Brand Identity Research
  • Products/Services Review and Marketing Position Analysis
  • Name Development (new name or modification)
  • New Logo and Graphic Elements Design and Implementation
  • Website Analysis and Development
  • Branch Retail Merchandising & Signage
  • Staff Sales and Service Culture Analysis and Training
  • Trademark and Service Mark Services
  • Brand Standards Guide Development
  • Planning and Marketing Implementation Strategies
  • Brand Launch Campaign and Marketing Follow-up

How your current and potential members perceive your credit union affects your growth and profitability.  An outdated image, slow growth, a major merger or acquisition, charter change, lost SEGs, and aggressive competition are key reasons to review your brand identity.

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