Reaching Millennials

Reaching Millennials

Marketing to Millennials the Right Way

Millennials (born between 1980 and the mid-2000s) are today’s leading consumers. Having grown up in a digital era, nearly all 75+ million of them are used to instant access of knowledge, photos, updates, etc. There’s no doubt that Millennials are a generation all about personal choice.

All credit unions should reexamine their marketing strategies to grab and keep their attention in their technological world.

Here are five guidelines to follow:

  1. Show them how your products & services will make them feel
  2. Inspire to do good in the community
  3. Create something that can be shared
  4. Visually pleasing design is expected
  5. Stay true to who your credit union is: People Helping People

Millennials are too big of a demographic to ignore or to continue using “antiquated” marketing tactics. They are the future in accounts, loans and overall product/service usage.

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