Increase eMarketing Profitability

Increase eMarketing Profitability

There are specific email and social media tools that are necessary to create a successful and comprehensive eMarketing program. The checklist below includes the resources proven to boost response rates, build member loyalty, and increase your per member profitability.

□  Creative design that incorporates your current brand identity and personality.

□  High value product/service offers and informative educational content.

□  Attention-getting subject lines.

□  Dynamic graphics and take-action copy and links.

□  Frequency and broadcast timing strategy.

□  Content mix:  product/service, educational and financial literacy.

□  Make it easy for members to share your emails.

□  Be sure your delivery rate is 97% or better. Verify member addresses for bounced messages and undeliverable addresses.

□  Conduct email only promotions and reinforce direct mail and newsletter campaigns.

□  Build specific website landing pages for email, direct mail and newsletter promotions.

□  Member contact list management.

□  Grow your list with free eNewsletter subscription links on your website and social media pages.

□  Review individual promotions and email campaign metrics, including open rates, click-throughs, bounces and undeliverable emails.

□  Regularly review your eMarketing program.

Just sending emails is not enough. Design an email marketing program that helps you increase loans and deepen your member relationships.

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