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New Movers

Howdy New Neighbor!

The objective of this program is to target individuals who have recently moved within your credit union’s target market area.

While many new residents will already have an established banking relationship, this program can begin the process of making them aware of your presence in the community and prompt them to convert their family’s financial management needs to your credit union.

With this type of program, it is critical to offer an incentive in order to prompt action. Possible incentives could include special loan rates on new loans or refinances, a first initial deposit into their share account or monthly drawings/giveaways for all new members who join. We can help you decide which incentive might work best for your credit union and your target audience.

Our program works by sending out an 8.5″x5.5″ full color postcard to a targeted list of new movers within a certain demographic area. The postcards are customizable with your information, message and incentive.


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