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Media Plans

Light, Cameras, ACTION!

Digital media is surprisingly affordable and has more reach than any other media type in the US, including the internet.  Television is the most powerful medium: Reaching around 80 percent of the population daily while radio reaches around 60 percent.

Delivering your message with these two media types provides you with the opportunity to inform members and non-members about the benefits of your credit union or special rates and promotions.

Television (network/cable) is the type of media that more people spend the most time with.

It’s visual, dynamic, engaging and the current quality of programming is the best it has ever been.  Much of what feed the content of social media is from television: sporting events, news, reality shows, and unique series programming.

Radio advertising remains effective and provides the soundtrack to the consumer’s day.

While connecting them with local on-air personalities as well as local news, traffic, weather and breaking news.  Consumers develop strong bonds with their favorite stations so you are able to leverage that bond and begin developing a brand relationship with that consumer by advertising on those stations.


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