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Matrix Programs

‘New Member’ Welcome Series

Research shows new members make a determination as to what their relationship will be with the credit union during their first year of membership.

A robust, follow-up program targeting new members will increase the likelihood that they will become a loyal member. A combination of phone calls by the credit union, email blasts and direct mail targeting specific products will help deepen the relationship with the new member.

The decision typically leads to one of the following relationships:

  • PFI (Primary Financial Institution)
  • Primary Loan Source
  • Primary Savings Source
  • Supplemental Relationship

The early stages of the relationship ultimately determine the long-term nature of the relationship. If the new member’s experience during the joining process and early on in the relationship is positive, it will increase the probability they will consider the credit union for products/services other than what prompted the to initially join.  A matrix program is the perfect way to let them know what you offer.


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