Putting together a list of all the promotions you want to run in a year is easy. Keeping up with that list? Not so much. So save yourself some time and money by selecting one of our pre-designed postcards below to use for your next loan promotion.  MMSS Express is a turnkey loan promotion design program that allows you to easily order one of our eye catching designs and have them sent directly to your members.

Features included with our integrated designs:

  • Postcard or Brochure
  • Poster
  • Statement Insert
  • Banner
  • Web site Graphic

All promotion design options can be customized with your brand colors and logo. Have something else in mind for a promotion? We can design it for you. Reach out to us today and get started.

See a design you love?

DOWNLOAD the form, FILL OUT all applicable information,  PRINT it out and FAX to 610-367-5881. We will reach out to you with an order confirmation. All pricing information is included in the form.

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Holiday Loan Postcards & Skip-A-Payments


Debt Consolidation Loan Postcards


Skip-A-Pay Promotion Schedule

1. Commitment Date: (order form received at MMSS)

• March 20, 2017: For credit unions offering June as a Skip option

• April 14, 2017: For credit unions offering July as a Skip option

• May 5, 2017: For credit unions offering August as a Skip option

2. Mailing Date:

• Week of April 24, 2017: For credit unions offering June as a Skip option

• Week of May 15, 2017: For credit unions offering July as a Skip option

• Week of June 12, 2017: For credit unions offering August as a Skip option